wellness workshops

What if the answers to our personalized dietary needs are found within our own bodies?  

As a society, we've inadvertently forgotten that most of us are actually born to be able to recognize nutrition through our senses. When we work with wellness professionals, we help you to re-enage this innate tool as a way of recognizing how flavor speaks to us from a nutritional standpoint. 

It often goes unrecognized that when we taste, it requires a conscious mental choice.  Our other senses just happen without choice and are part of our embodiment as humans. Taste, however, requires us reaching for something outside of ourselves in order to create the experience.

Do you see the relevance? By choosing something outside of ourselves and not seeing the taste experience as something more than pleasurable, we're potentially missing out on very relevant information being fed to us by way of the flavor experience. 

By working within the wellness communites, we carry great potential to shift the value and importance of the flavor/nutrient connection. Through seminars, speaking engagements, workshops and courses, together we can shift conscious consumers in a way that empowers them as individuals to see the value and importance in growing and raising our food with more flavor and more nutrients through better sourcing.


"I came to the Your Senses Uncensored event today with the intention of learning as much as I could from the amazing Sherry Hess.  She is a wealth of knowledge and her passion for helping people heal through food & flavor is infectious.  I walked away from the event not only having learned new things, but excited to start experimenting with flavor on a much larger scale than I have before.  And, I also felt a renewed sense of confidence in trusting my ability to understand flavor, apply it to how I serve my meal prep clients & how I cook at home for my own family.  Thank you!"

- Abby Gardner, Abby Cooks Wild.

'Oh my goodness, today's experience has been out of this world. Not only is Sherry an amazing educator, but I've learned so much about the flavors in everything that I'm consuming and the combinations of things have been outstanding. Honestly, I feel that this time today is worth every single penny even more. The knowledge that I'm going to be able to take away from this workshop is gonna be game changing for my family and they're not even going to realize until they take that first bite of food. I'm so excited to be a part of this today and I'm so excited for Sherry!

 100% Five Star recommendation! 

If you have never experienced a flavor experience, where you have the knowledge and power of knowing what things do for you with flavor how they benefit your body, and the different ways to utilize them or combine them together. Then you have to have this experience !"

-Hollie Clere, Social Media Advisor, foodie, gardener.

"The tasting that you have described to me  before, I loved it so much (the experience). I think I'm a really good cook, with a good sense of taste and I've learned so much from Sherry about combining flavors that I can actually eat on my diet. This was so much fun and I learned so much.

I don't think I could have done (broken down the flavors) this on my own. You really helped me understand flavors.

...And that ROYAL CINNAMON! I want to powder it all over my body!" 

Kathleen June