Episode 39 

Let's Talk Taste with Sherry, Saving the Earth One Flavor at a Time

Most of my closest friends call me “Sherry Spice.” Admittedly, this nickname was born from my days of creating spice blends, but today, you’ll see a whole new “spicy” side of me in this episode of Let’s Talk Taste with Sherry, Saving the Earth One Flavor at a Time. 

Yeah, I can tend to get a little sassy at times, but if you see or hear that side of me, you should know, the message is important! This episode is the epitome of importance, so the sass is apparent. 

This passed week I read the latest book from one of my all time favorite journalist authors, Mark Schatzker, “The End of Craving, Reclaiming the Lost Wisdom of Eating Well.” In it, Mark defines a term that I have been word tripping around for years now. I’ve been explaining, over-explaining, creating my own terms and navigating all there is to understand about the importance of flavors matching nutrients. In his book, Mark coined the term “nutritive mismatch.” 

BAM. That’s it. This is the thing that has us dismissing our sense of taste as superficial and seeking the current “super food” solution to all things….as long as it tastes “good.” 

Ahh...but does it really taste GOOD? 

Read the book (after you watch this episode). 

In our fast paced world with massive productivity pressures, food and flavor has been de-prioritized, and we have found ourselves almost requiring packaged food products. Most of us know that ideally, we should be eating whole foods. In the instances where a packaged food product is a must, how do we know when our taste buds are actually experiencing the nutrients we’re taking in. How do we avoid NUTRITIVE MISMATCH?! 

Join us for this episode as Sherry explains some ingredients to avoid, which ones you should see when you experience certain flavors, and how to make the best flavor choices possible when the only option is choosing a packaged food or drink.