Episode 23 

Let's Talk Taste with Sherry, Saving the Earth One Flavor at a Time

I am so blessed to call Kelly Newlon my friend. She's one of those people that you meet in life and quickly witness her huge-ness (she's actually small in stature) and at the same time you feel how incredibly humble, kind and giving she is. This episode has such depth. It's worth the 51 minutes. We reminisce about our days in culinary school, the fortunate and profound experiences that we shared on the farms in the North Fork Valley of the Gunnison River in Colorado, and ultimately land on what she's working on now. As the Chef/Owner of Real Athletes Diets Kelly will be spending 2 months following an elite athlete, cooking his specialized nutrition all the while being documented on a Nat Geo film. As my friend and mentor, she also straight up tells me what she thinks about all of this flavor stuff I'm doing! 

If you don't have 50 minutes right now, at least catch the highlights: 

3:45 Kelly saves the day as our Culinary School Instructor. 

4:50 Photos of culinary school on the farm. 

6:00 Reverence to the lives we take when we eat meat. 

9:07 Where are they now? Success stories. 

10:20 Culinary School memories with Kelly and Sherry. 

13:13 What is RAD Boulder and why did Kelly create it? 

16:58 Why it's rare to find a personal chef who cooks for athletes. 

19:15 What do athletes prefer when it comes to nutrition? 

19:58 What percentage of athletes are vegan vs animal protein based. 

21:42 Find out why Kelly will be in a National Geographic documentary. 

25:00 Why salt doesn't deserve to be completely demonized. 

26:30 Flavor fatigue- what is it? 

32:20 How to make Kale taste good 

39:20 Do chefs taste as they cook? 

41:00 Sherry's big dream and what Kelly REALLY thinks. 

Follow Kelly and learn more about RAD Boulder here: http://www.radboulder.com