What is Living Flavor™?

What is Living Flavor ™?

Living Flavor™ is what our taste buds crave. It comes from thriving, living sources of both plants and animals that are grown from the richest most cared for soils of our earth. Living Flavor™ gives our sense of taste true messaging about what nutrition our bodies are taking in. It is flavor backed by nutrients. It is the language that I believe speaks to our bodies via our sense of taste, telling us what we should or shouldn't be eating for our own individual health.

Why does it matter? Well, first of all, when you eat don't you want it to be joyful? Flavor is what excites us, makes eating pleasant and even triggers memories and brings comfort. It's what tells us, "This is good!" or "Nope! Not for me!" The experience of certain tastes in our mouths can also elevate an emotional response. All of these signals are messages to our bodies. However, it's important to know that your tastebuds aren't being scammed. Only Living Flavor™ speaks to our bodies in a way that it can interpret.

Let's not over-complicate things though. Living Flavor™ is simple to find and easy to access. It's whole fruits, vegetables, unprocessed meats, herbs, spices and salts of the earth. Basically, it's flavor that is grown and raised into food - not manufactured and added to it. Who can't create a healthy diet plan with all of those options? It truly is accessible. The key is, understanding what flavors our bodies actually taste, and why we are being fooled by flavors that are not backed by nutrition, creating mass confusion in body awareness around food.

Join me as we educate those seeking personalized understanding of our sense of taste and how it impacts health. Get ready for the Living Flavor™ Revolution!

Living Flavor™ is a language spoken directly to your body through your sense of taste.

Living Flavor™ is nutrients.

Living Flavor™ is flavor that comes from the most luxurious, positively charged soils of the earth.

Living Flavor™ is your guideline to a fulfilled life.

Living Flavor™ is what will heal the planet and bring joy and health back into the lives of human beings.

Living Flavor™ is medicinal.

Living Flavor™is sensual.

Living Flavor™ is experiential health.